Saturday, May 10, 2014

I believe in one answer to an atheist

I am no one but one of the creations of Allah SWT and with a deeper insight into things that Allah SWT has allowed me to see. In this present Information Age, I felt it was my duty to share whatever insights I have gained over time with you, especially with regards to how Satan works.

Throughout the Quran, Allah SWT tells us that Satan makes our wrongdoings fair seeming to us, that is, when he calls for us to do something wrong, he makes it seem good to us. And one of his major objectives is to make us stop believing.

One of his key strategies in all times is to make people contemplate over the sufferings of the world and somehow question God. He makes us think that all the unfairness in the world has to be resolved by us somehow because of our kind hearts and higher intellects and somehow in this way we start attributing our good works to ourselves, forgetting the One who actually allowed us to be the few ppl whose heart felt the sufferings for the world. For in truth if God had wanted, you could have been doing a lot of wrong things and Satan would have ensured that they would seem fair to you.

Before you push thousands of young souls towards non-believing, all I am asking is for you to think again. My faith has taught me to be in self doubt all the time, fearing that my Creator, (Without whom we all are helpless) accepts my worship and good deeds.

You may block me but there is a great possibility that this is the only time I might write to you. Because I believe, if God wills, we can only convey a message. Only He (Allah Almighty) can turn hearts around.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I begin to write and yet words do not suffice. I begin to think and yet thoughts are limitless. I try to bind these feelings yet they control me and not otherwise. I begin to search the realms of the soul and find myself in a labyrinth beyond understanding. I plunge into the ocean and find depths unimaginable. I look at myself to find I do not know who I am. The journey of a few steps yet has thousands of miles to go. I try to understand this pain and know it will not end till lead completely turns to gold. I sometimes whisper to myself words of solace and comfort. And then I scream when the journey seems too hard. I speak but thousands of words everyday and yet with words meant to be said, I remain silent. Silence, I find, is more powerful than many words said. I begin to fathom distance and yet I know it's relativity is all in the mind. I treasure moments so complete one could lock them in time and own them as one's most prized possessions. And then others so empty, one doubts one's own existence. I hear the song of the brooks. My heart dances to the melodies of the raindrops. I feel the dewy grass under my bare feet and the winds playing with my hair. I glance at the trees and feel they truly understand me. Without a single word said, they know. I let tears tell their own tale. And yet I smile because I know no other journey will complete me so.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walking in the rain

Today, I actually 'walked in the rain'. (Although my soul was surely dancing). I walked without fear of catching a cold. I let the cold wind seep deep into my bones and I let the raindrops wet my soul. I smiled with joy. I felt I was part of the clouds that flew past so freely. I could feel the trees and flowers dancing and singing with me as they bathed themselves in one of the last winter rains. They must know the seasons better than us. They experience them more closely than us. We are afraid of the seasons. We hide. We are afraid of feeling them fully. We are afraid of soaking the soul. But the trees despite their roots, could enjoy the dance of joy...they could enjoy the freedom of living without being judged or labelled.

I pondered over life, its frailties, its uncertainities and its unpredictability. I beamed in the honour of called 'Insane'. At least I have the courage to be true to myself...true to my soul. At least I have the courage to accept the truths that come banging into your face sometimes beautifully but sometimes more harshly. What is life but an attempt at understanding ourselves. To see ourselves unfold like the petals of a rose...gradually petal by petal, we let the fragrance of the rose guide us to the center of our beings...the center of our soul. The most beautiful and tranquil place. We learn to be completely unbiased and not judgemental. We learn to love in its purest form. We learn to fly. We learn to understand the flow of the wind and the water. We can hear the tranquil flow of water as it beautifully flows in a stream. We can hear and feel the beauty of the bird's song, that sings so serenly a lonesome song.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


By Zarin

Let the moments be still
When the lights danced in the flowing water
Let the moments be still
When life felt complete in the echoes of your laughter
Let the moments be still
When eyes spoke more than the trembling lips
Let the moments be still
When you decided to conquer the kingdom and took it all
Let the moments be still
When the translucent and incandescent lights in the deep caverns made one ache for completeness
Let the moments be still
When each raindrop told a story of both pain and fulfillment
Let the moments be still
When what was not said meant more than what was
Let the moments be still
When time entailed both certainty and uncertainty
Let the moments be still
When nothing was more certain than the moment at hand
Let the moments be still
When the soul recognized itself in another
Let the moments be still
When nothing else mattered but the smile on the face
Let the moments be still
When I wake up calling out your name
Let the moments be still
When only tears can tell the untold story
Let the moments be still
When even the most beautiful of landscapes on the train could not pacify the empty heart
Let the moments be still
When walking into the sunset, hand in hand, seemed like the perfect answer

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Stories

I just read a really meaningful quotation:

“There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.”

I suddenly got thinking. I meet so many stories every day. Some tales of pain; some of sorrow; some tales of enlightenment and bliss.

It is these blissful and painful moments that amalgamate to make ‘life’. Some moments are so powerful that they remain with you in all moments to come. And some are lost or forgotten even during experience.

So is life only those few meaningful moments or do these moments lead somewhere; do they lead towards moments of more fulfillment and completion or are they whole in their entirety.

It’s good to write and share; because we are all on our own journeys. We feel the same pains and joys and when we don’t share, we think we are the only ones who are suffering, which is never true.

What are we learning in life? Really what??

And when we have learnt so much, why are we faced with so many conflicts every day. In life why is it most difficult to be just ‘true to your own self’? Why?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excess Baggage

Walking on the journey called life, it’s extremely important to understand what ‘excess baggage’ we are carrying with us.

Some live with ‘regrets.......the ‘could bes’, the ‘could have beens’, the ‘what ifs’........

Some live without forgiving; one of the heaviest baggage. Remember, forgiving others is not for their sake but for easing out your own burdens.

Some with ‘broken hearts’ or ‘unrequited love’ which to one seems like the most perfect thing but unimaginable by others. People do die of ‘broken hearts’.

Some carry ‘unsaid words’..........the silence that haunts them till the end. Why weren’t they said? Because of inflated egos, fears of rejection or because people were taken for granted but mostly because ‘what could be.......seems impossible’.............

Saturday, December 26, 2009

When Life doesn't deal the right hands!

What one needs to understand is that life 'rarely' deals the 'right' hands.....most of the times, most of us have to make the best of what we have. Be happy and content with what you have....never take anything for granted......never take even the smallest gesture of kindness for granted....because 'nothing' is forever.....the only thing constant in life is 'change'.

Most of all, do not take time for granted and make the most of each and everyday of your life. Thank Allah everyday that He has been kind enough to grant you one more day.

People lose each other. 'Lovers' seldom meet.....for things as fickle as 'money', or maybe they were just not strong enough to face the hardships that 'true love' usually entails. It ain't easy sticking it out and thats how it is. But in your heart, with all the regrets, one feels that maybe it was just 'not' meant to be.

Then people lose their loved ones. I have recently seen an aunt pass away (my mother's cousin). She was a 'gem' of a person. Such a selfless person. I can only recall her ever 'smiling' face. And then seeing her lying helpless in those white sheets sent chills through my spine. This is where we will all land up one day. I hope we are duly prepared. How helpless we all are? Then there is the hauntingly beautiful smile of the three year old who passed away in the arms of her helpless parents. An emptiness which I hope time will help to fill.

But this is an everyday story. How helpless we feel when we hear of the bomb blasts victims. Families and hearts left incomplete. Many lose their only source of livelihood. Many are left with an empty heart longing to hold their nears and dears ones 'one more time'. How 'senseless' it all is?????

With all these miseries, woes and much more, one needs to still stand up and face it. This is how this 'life' is. If it was meant to bring 'all completeness', it would have, but this life is just 'temporary' and no one will ever feel a complete sense of fulfillment. So one has to be content with what one has and see the glass completely full instead of half full! Life is all about hoping, positive thinking, hard work, and a passion and determination which can meet all hardships. Bad times change. They do. The sun does rise again. And it rises with new hopes everyday.

Just sit down to think, what have we done 'unwisely' in our lives. And do not make the same mistakes again. Help people and do it for the love of Allah. Most of all, think optimistically because Allah's resources and blessings are unlimited (unlike what most Economists think). He has enough for all of us. But he gives it in due time. We need to make ourselves worthy of it.

I end these random thoughts with the famous quote by Khalil Gibran:

'Seek not the ways of love for if love finds you worthy, it will come your way'.